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THE GLORY DAYS - Single Version (2012) (CD Single)

Released: 30 July 2012


‘The Glory Days’ was written by Elio, Matt Daniel-Baker and Darren Loveday for the British comedy motion picture ‘The Shouting Men’ and the original version featured as a bonus track on the 2011 reissue of Elio's critically acclaimed album ‘A Seat At My Table’.

After an overwhelming and unrelenting interest in the song’s commercial appeal, ‘The Glory Days’ was taken back into the studio in 2012 and was given a new lease of life by Elio and his team: Mick Livermore (co-producer), Ross Parkin (mixer) and Nick Watson (mastering).

 Elio on 'The Glory Days (Single Version)':

“Thanks to all the brilliant musicians, singers, producers, mixers and engineers involved in the making of this new version but mostly to Matt Daniel-Baker for conceiving this beautiful song. This is my definitive version, the way I always wanted it to sound. It's a record that I am immensely proud of and thrilled to put out there for everyone to discover. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy listening to it and let its positive message drive YOUR dreams and ambitions, as it does mine. Many many thanks for your support!”

THE GLORY DAYS - Single Version (2012) (CD Single)

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