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'Got The Bug Back - Remix' is a toe-tapping, foot-stomping musical delight which shouts from the rooftops that summer is here. Elio is in the mood to have a party and this song is going to get it started! After receiving its world premiere on BBC Radio 2's Breakfast Show in May 2011, Richard Madeley excitedly declared "that's happy-feet, isn't it?"

With music by Elio Pace and lyrics by Sophie Langham, the original version of 'Got The Bug Back' (which was used for a trailer for BBC TV's 'The Lingo Show') appeared on the original release of Elio's album, 'A Seat At My Table' in 2009. The remixed version (which appeared as a bonus track on the reissue of 'A Seat At My Table' in 2011) was released as a single in 2011 and received extensive radio airplay all across the UK and Europe making 'Record Of The Week' and reaching #1 on airplay charts on many radio stations.

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