Antony Dannecker


The Dannecker family harmonica tradition started in 1895 in Germany with the appointment of engineer Carl Dannecker to the Hohner harmonica company. Carl then dedicated the rest of his working life to the technical development and manufacture of harmonicas. Since then, four generations of Dannecker family members, including Antony’s father, the late great Willi Dannecker, have worked within the harmonica industry (Hohner) and with professional harmonica players right up to the present day with Antony Dannecker, professional harmonica craftsman and pioneer of the Dannecker Optimus andCenturion harmonicas.

These two exclusive 10-hole diatonic harmonicas represent the pinnacle of over 100 years of Dannecker family expertise and know-how. Soon after their launch both harps were embraced by top performing harmonica stars, instantly receiving acclaim and cult status, positioning Dannecker Harmonicas at the cornerstone of the world’s finest harps.


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